Sweet and Low Down – Songs of George Gershwin (Sears & Conner) CD


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Sears and Conner perform with the zeal of true Gershwin aficionados” (Show Music)


“This is not only a delightful recording in its own right, but because of the inclusion of many little-known songs, will make it onto our playlist.” (Stephen Peithman, Musical Stages, KXPR-FM)


“Having the time of their lives.” (InTheater Magazine) 



Songs by George Gershwin

(collaborators listed in plain face)


1. Sweet & Low-Down Ira Gershwin

2. Midnight Bells* 

Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II

3. There’s More to the Kiss Than the X-X-X

Irving Caesar

4. Love is Sweeping the Country Ira Gershwin

5. Somebody Loves Me 

Ballard McDonald & B.G. DeSylva

6. That Lost Barber Shop Chord*+ Ira Gershwin

7. By Strauss Ira Gershwin

8. Lady, Be Good! Medley

Little Jazz Bird Ira Gershwin

The Half of It, Dearie, Blues Ira Gershwin

Oh, Lady Be Good! [alternate lyrics*] Ira Gershwin

9. You & I (In Old Versailles)* 

Jack Green & B.G. DeSylva

10. She Hangs Out in Our Alley 

B.G. DeSylva & E. Ray Goetz

11. Across the Sea* B.G. DeSylva & E. Ray Goetz

12. Princess Medley

Promenade (Walking the Dog) [Piano Solo] 

We’re Pals Irving Caesar

13. When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em, 

When You’ve Got ‘Em, You Don’t Want ‘Em Murray Roth

14. Liza (All the Clouds’ll Roll Away) 

Ira Gershwin & Gus Kahn

15. Isn’t It Horrible What They Did to Mary, Queen of Scots+

Desmond Carter

16. Isn’t It Horrible What They Did to Mary, Queen of Scots+

[Encore] Desmond Carter

17. A Foggy Day Ira Gershwin

18. Pepita*+ B.G. DeSylva

19. Swanee Irving Caesar

20. Mine+ Ira Gershwin

21. Strike Up the Band+ Ira Gershwin

22. Love is Here to Stay+ Ira Gershwin


* Premiere Recording

† additional vocal: Bradford Conner 


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George Gershwin


Various Artists


Benjamin Sears, Bradford Conner






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