Sunny (Kern- Hammerstein) vintage recordings on CDR


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Contains the Broadway, London Cast and Soundtrack recording of Kern’s “Sunny”

1. Medley (Sunny/D’Ye Love Me?/Who?) — George Olsen & His Music
2. Introduction
3. Here We Are Together Again
4. Sunny
5. D’ye Love Me?
6. Let’s Say Goodnight ‘Til It’s Morning
7. Who?
8. Sunny (Reprise)
9. Sunshine
10. When We Get Our Divorce
11. D’ye Love Me? (Reprise)
12. Finale
13. Medley: Sunny/Two Little Bluebirds/D’Ye Love Me?/Who?/Sunny — Victor Light Opera Company
14. Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home — Cliff Edwards
15. A Little Bit of Rhythm — George Olsen & His Music
16. Sunny — Jack Hobbs, Chorus (Original London Cast)
17. Who? — Jack Hobbs, Binnie Hale (Original London Cast)
18. Let’s Say Goodnight ‘Til the Morning — Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph (Original London Cast)
19. D’ye Love Me? — Binnie Hale (Original London Cast)
20. I’ve Looked for Trouble — Jack Buchanan (Original London Cast)
21. Two Little Bluebirds — Claude Hulbert, Elsie Randolph (Original London Cast)
22. When We Get Our Divorce — Jack Buchanan, Binnie Hale (Original London Cast)
23. I Could Grow Fond of You — Claude Hulbert, Elsie Randolph (Original London Cast)
24. Medley
25. Who?
26. I Was Alone


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