Summer Song – Original London Cast


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1.Overture — Orchestra

I Loved My Love — Chorus

2.Just Around the Corner — Sally Ann Howes

3.My Darling Karolka — Sally Ann Howes

4.Once a Year Is Not Enough — Bonita Primrose

5.Be She Dark, Be She Fair — David Hughes

6.Cotton Tail — Edric Connor

7.No-one Told Me — David Hughes

8.Sing Me a Song — Chorus

9.Murphy’s Pig — Bonita Primrose and Chorus

10.Saturday Girl — David Hughes, Sally Ann Howes

11.One Boy Sends You a Rose — Sally Ann Howes, Bonita Primrose

12.Dvorak’s Letter Home — Laurence Naismith

13.Deep Blue Evening — Edric Connor

14.Milli’s Wedding — Edric Connor, Van Atkins, Bonita Primrose

15.Summer Song — Sally Ann Howes

16.Small Town Sweetheart — David Hughes

17.New York ’93 — Chorus

18.I’ll Be Remembering — Sally Ann Howes

19.Finale — Sally Ann Howes

20.Summer Song Selection — Melachrino Orchestra, The

21.Carry Me Back to Old Virginny — Edric Connor

22.If I Can Help Somebody — Edric Connor

23.There, but for the Grace of God, Go I — David Hughes

24.Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing — David Hughes

25. Two Different Worlds — David Hughes

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Antonín Dvořák


Eric Maschwitz






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