Storyville (Mildred Kayden) 2002 cast. Ernestine Jackson


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Story about beginning of jazz in south

1. Funeral
2. Welcome/Razzy Dazzy JazzySpasm Band
3. Back O’Town Rag
4. So Beautiful
5. Everybody’s Got Somethin’
6. Louisiana Woman
7. Makin’ It
8. A Touch Of Danger
9. The Blue Book
10. Prove It
11. Animal Stomp
12. Feel That Jazz
13. Fat Tuesday Parade/Nobility Of Soul
14. Rollin’ Up The River
15. Demi Monde
16. Boulevardier
17. Can Tigre Become A Lady?
18. Riffs And Breaks
19. The Best Is Yet To Be
20. What’s For Real
21. Big Time Ballyhoo
22. Call The Children Home


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