Songs From W.C. and Other Theatre Songs of Al Carmines


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Songs from W.C. and other theater songs of Al Carmines starring Alice Playten, Al Carmines, Bill Daugherty and Debbie Camp.

18 tracks total. 

01. W.C.: Fifty Years — Al Carmines, Paul Rounsaville 

02. W.C.: I’ll Still Be Here — Alice Playten 

03. W.C.: You Could — Alice Playten, Al Carmines 

04. W.C.: Give Me an Old Tune — Al Carmines 

05. W.C.: Never Give a Sucker an Even Break — Debbie Damp 

06. W.C.: Why Do Women Always Choose the Wrong Man? — Bill Daugherty 

07. W.C.: You Come First — Debbie Damp 

08. W.C.: Bring On the Booze — Al Carmines, Quartet 

09. W.C.: I’ll Follow My Star — Alice Playten 

10. W.C.: Serenade — Bill Daugherty 

11. W.C.: Love Can Get You Down — Alice Playten 

12. W.C.: Dummy Juggler — Al Carmines 

13. PROMENADE: Promenade – Instrumental Theme — Al Carmines on piano 

14. PROMENADE: I Saw a Man — Alice Playten 

15. PROMENADE: Capricious and Fickle — Alice Playten 

16. A Carmines Bouquet: Wedding Blues — Al Carmines 

17. A Carmines Bouquet: My Old Man — Al Carmines 

18. A Carmines Bouquet: No Room at the Inn [CHRISTMAS RAPPINGS] — Alice Playten, Quartet

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