Songs for Future Musicals – Vocal Recording


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A selection of tracks from Gari’s unproduced musicals, “Henry Street Rebel” and “Yearbook”, plus two cut songs from “Late Nite Comic” and some other non-show songs that he has written.

1. The Belle of Henry Street (from Henry Street Rebel)

2. Eddie, the parlour door is open (from Henry Street Rebel)

3. It’s harder to hit a moving target (from Henry Street Rebel)

4. There goes the neighborhood (from Henry Street Rebel)

5. Alumnus (from Yearbook)

6. For Me (from Yearbook)

7. Game Shows (from Yearbook)

8. Gabby, are you sleeping yet? (cut from Late Nite Comic)

9. I live in LA

10. I wonder if I’ll ever be a father/mother (cut from Late Nite Comic)

11. Kathy (you’re only 17)

12. Suite 929

13. The California Dream

14. Kym’s so Wilde

15. Inbetween song

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Brian Gari


Brian Gari




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