Secret Garden (Smith-Burgert) studio cast Barbara Cook-John Cullum on CD




Before Marsh Norman and Lucy Simon this English show was written also Judy Kaye George Rose


1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Any Minute Now — Ensemble
3. I Will Do Nothing — Barbara Cook, Victoria Coote
4. Just Like Me — George Rose
5. Wings — Barbara Cook, Victoria Coote
6. Dickon Is My Name — Paul Glen
7. Somewhere In the Past — John Cullum
8. Wishful Thinking — Judy Kaye, John Cullum, Ensemble
9. My Mother — Barbara Cook, Victoria Coote
10. Before You Know It’s Summer — Barbara Cook
11. I’ve Got a Secret — John Cullum, Victoria Coote, Barbara Cook
12. Something Special — Barbara Cook
13. Entr’acte — Orchestra
14. The Likes of You and Me — George Rose, Ensemble
15. Traditions — Judy Kaye
16. One Patch of Blue — Barbara Cook
17. How We Love Children — Judy Kaye, Max Showalter
18. My Favorite Song
Wings (Reprise) — John Cullum, Barbara Cook
19. Weave a Spell — Paul Glen
20. Your Best Foot — George Rose, Victoria Coote, Paul Glen
21. The Secret Garden (Right Before Our Eyes) — Barbara Cook
22. The Finale — Company


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