Say Hello To Harvey DEMO, 22 Songs


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Musical tried and closed in Toronto, starring Donald O’Oconnor and Pat Routledge. This demo recording features, instead, unknown session singers only.

1. Small Town USA

2. The Founders Of The Wednesday Forum

3. We Like The Very Same Things

4. Small Town USA (Reprise I)

5. That Brother Of Mine

6. Dr. Chumley’s

7. I’d Rather Look At You

8. Dr Chumley’s I

9. Small Town USA (Reprise II)

10. Do Your Own Thing

11. Sixteen Bars

12. Bring It To The Bar

13. Small Town USA (Reprise III)

14. Elwood P. Dowd

15. Let Him

16. Say Hello To Harvey

17. One Last Fling

18. I Recommend Pleasant

19. That Brother Of Yours

20. Small Town USA (Reprise IV)

21. Elwood P. Dowd (Reprise)

22. Say Hello To Harvey (Finale)


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Leslie Bricusse


Leslie Bricusse


Unnamed session singers, Unknown


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