Promises,Promises London cast Betty Buckley


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1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Half As Big As Life — Anthony Roberts
3. Grapes of Roth — Orchestra
4. Upstairs — Anthony Roberts
5. You’ll Think Of Someone — Betty Buckley, Anthony Roberts
6. Our Little Secret — Anthony Roberts, James Congdon
7. She Likes Basketball — Anthony Roberts
8. Knowing When to Leave — Betty Buckley
9. Where Can You Take a Girl? — Ronn Carroll, Jay Denyer, Ivor Dean, Don Fellows
10. Wanting Things — James Congdon
11. Turkey Lurkey Time — Donna McKechnie, Miranda Willis, Susi Pink, and Company
12. A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing — Anthony Roberts, Kelly Britt and Company
13. Whoever You Are — Betty Buckley
14. Christmas Day — Toni Eden, Eula Parker, Jackie Lee, Barbara Moore
15. A Young Pretty Girl Like You — Anthony Roberts, Jack Kruschen
16. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again — Betty Buckley, Anthony Roberts
17. Promises, Promises — Anthony Roberts


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