Profumo: The Musical (London Cast Recording) Gordon Kenney


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In many ways better than the recent ALW score – PROFUMO gets a lot of play here at Footlight! It has a lot to recommend it and I certainly recommend it to you. A fun time will be had by all!


PROFUMO: THE MUSICAL – A whimsical snapshot of the early post-Colonial Conservative 60’s before the new dawn of Television and the ‘Pill’ that instigated the social revolution of the ‘Swinging Sixties! The setting is in 1961 London outside the Houses of Parliament; Harold MacMillan’s Conservative government are in power; John Profumo, who is the Minister for War and happily married to the beautiful iconic film star Valerie Hobson, is about to embark on a scandalous love affair with a teenage night-club dancer, Christine Keeler. Together with her friend the foxy Mandy Rice-Davies and their Pygmalion Dr Stephen Ward they unwittingly form the catalyst that will bring the establishment to it’s knees and lead to the eventual downfall of Macmillan’s outmoded government; shocking the whole world and changing the political landscape in the West forever! The spectator follows a journey of political intrigue, sexual misconduct, wild parties, murder, racism and black magic, involving East End and European gangsters, Caribbean drug dealers and Russian spies! 


The interpretation of this Period allegorical tale is a light-hearted/kitsch impression told within the framework of a Comic-Book setting! 


A simple linear chronological narrative with a dark provocative interior landscape that taps into the hidden human psyche and the mysterious world of human mythology in which the characters represent the inner moral conflict of the human soul! It is an exploration of why humans ignore moral intellect and risk everything in the act of sexual betrayal! 


1. You’ve Never Had It so Good (Opening) 

2. Movie Queen 

3. A New Day Dawning 

4. England 

5. Bloodsucker 

6. We’ll Do You 

7. The Dance of Depravity 

8. The Polka Song 

9. Don’t Tell Me 

10. Shebeen Theme 

11. The Fight 

12. You’ve Never Had It so Good (Reprise) 

13. Order in the House 

14. Porno Blues 

15. Without Love 

16. Put the Kettle On 

17. Well He Would 

18. Jack in a Box 

19. Finale 

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Gordon Kenney


Gordon Kenney




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