Prettybelle (Styne-Merrill) Angela Lansbury, Boston Cast CDR


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1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Prettybelle — Michael Jason
3. Manic Depressives — Angela Lansbury
4. You Ain’t Hurtin’ Your Ole Lady None — Mark Dawson, Men
5. You Never Looked Better — Angela Lansbury, Men
6. To a Small Degree — Angela Lansbury
7. Back from the Great Beyond — Mark Dawson, Angela Lansbury, Ensemble
8. How Could I Know? — Angela Lansbury
9. I Never Did Imagine — Angela Lansbury, Bert Michaels
10. In the Japanese Gardens
Individual Thing — Angela Lansbury, Peter Lombard
11. I Met a Man — Angela Lansbury
12. God’s Garden — Michael Jason, Peter Lombard, Ensemble
13. The No-tell Motel — Angela Lansbury, Men
14. I’m in a Tree — Angela Lansbury
15. When I’m Drunk I’m Beautiful — Angela Lansbury
16. Prettybelle (Reprise) — Michael Jason, Angela Lansbury


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