On the Level


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The writers of Robert and Elizabeth left the Victorian era for swinging London with this story of mod teens who cheat on their ‘A’ level exams.


Angela Richards (from R&E),Gary Bond and Sheila White in a show stopping performance were all featured but the big name was behind the scenes:Brian Epstein (the Svengali behind The Beatles)  He envisioned producing more productions that would play young audiences in a West End that was still in the 1940-50’s. It’s a good idea, but his suicide/accidental overdose put paid to that and like “Passion Flower Hotel” “On the Level” was both the fault in story errors and just too mod for audiences, What is left is a groovy score (you will forgive me!), a top notch cast and an interesting sign the times circa 1966.

  1. Three Crazy Letters (G.C.E.)
  2. Strangely Attractive
  3. Bleep-bleep
  4. Thermodynamically Yours
  5. Very Good Friend
  6. My Girl at the Dance
  7. Let’s Make the Most of Now
  8. Where the Action Is
  9. Nostalgia
  10. Love Gets Younger Every Year
  11. Peaceful
  12. On the Level
  13. And Then I’ll Go
  14. Chorale/Finale
  15. Play Out (Where the Action Is)

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Ron Grainer


Ronald Millar


Gary Bond, Robert Cawdron, Barney Gilbraith, Irlin Hall, Brian Hewitt-Jones, John Horsley, Carolyn Hudson, Barrie Ingham, Phyllida Law, Rod McLennan, Sandra Michaels, Angela Richards, Bernard Sharpe, Sheila White


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