Oh Coward off Broadway + Different Times (Michel Brown) 2CDRs


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Oh Coward:

1. Introduction: The Boy Actor
2. Oh Coward!: Something To Do With Spring / Bright Young People / Poor Little Rich Girl / Ziegeuner / Let’s Say Goodbye / This is a Changing World / We Were Dancing / Dance Little Lady / Room With a View / Sail Away
3. England: London Pastoral / The End of the News / The Stately Homes of England / London Pride
4. Family Album: Aunt Jessie / Uncle Harry
5. Music Hall: Introduction / Chase Me Charlie / Saturday Night at the Rose and Crown / Island of Bolamazoo / What Ho Mrs. Brisket! / Has Anybody Seen Our Ship / Men About Town
6. If Love Were All
7. Travel: Too Early or Too Late / Why Do the Wrong People Travel?
The Passenger’s Always Right
8. Mrs. Worthington
9. Mad Dogs And Englishmen
10. Marvelous Party: The Party’s Over Now
11. Design For Dancing: Dance Little Lady
12. You Were There
13. Theatre: Three White Feathers / The Star / The Critic / The Elderly Actree
14. Love: Gertie / Loving / I Am No Good at Love / Sex Talk / A Question of Lighting / Mad about the Boy
15. Women: Introduction / Nina / Mrs. Wentworth-Brewster
16. World Weary
17. Let’s Do It
18. Finale: Where Are the Songs We Sung? / Someday I’ll Find You / I’ll Follow My Secret Heart / If Love Were All / Play Orchestra Play / I’ll See You Again

Different Times:

1. Seeing the Sights — Company
2. Ev’rything Has a Place — Jamie Ross, Barbara Williams
3. I Wish I Didn’t Love Him — Barbara Williams, Jamie Ross
4. Forward into Tomorrow — Mary Jo Catlett with Karin Baker, Dorothy Frank, Joyce Nolen, Patti Karr, Mary Bracken Phillips
5. You’re Perfect — Candace Cooke
6. Marianne — Ronald Young with Ronnie De Marco, Terry Nicholson, David K. Thomé
7. Daddy, Daddy — Karin Baker, Candace Cooke, Dorothy Frank, Joyce Nolen
8. I Feel Grand — Mary Jo Catlett with Karin Baker, Candace Cooke, Dorothy Frank, Joyce Nolen
9. Sock Life in the Eye / I’m Not Through — Michael Brown* and Company
10. I’m Not Through (demo fragment) — Joe Masiell
11. I Miss Him — Karin Baker, Candace Cooke, Dorothy Frank
12. One More Time — Patti Karr with Terry Nicholson, Mary Bracken Phillips, David K. Thomé, Ronald Young
13. I Dreamed about Roses — Sam Stoneburner
14. Here’s Momma — Patti Karr with Ronnie De Marco, Terry Nicholson, David K. Thomé, Ronald Young
15. The Words I Never Said — Sam Stoneburner
16. He Smiles — Mary Bracken Phillips
17. Thanks a Lot — Ronald Young, Mary Bracken Phillips and Company
18. When They Start Again — Mary Bracken Phillips, Ronald Young
19. Different Times — Sam Stoneburner and Company
20. The Spirit Is Moving — Company
* Michael Brown sings the role originated by Joe Masiell who died before the album was recorded. Joe Masiell’s early demo of “I’m Not Through” is included as the final track on Side A.


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