Noel & Cole: Together With Music (Sears & Conner) CD


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“What a swell party indeed!” (Beverly Creasy, Theater Mirror) 


“A charming, enthusiastic pairing of two [showmen] whose like, unfortunately, the musical theatre will never produce again.”

(Irv Lichtman, Billboard) 


Noel & Cole: Together With Music by Benjamin Sears was released Sep 01, 2000 on the Oakton Recordings label. Recorded at Belgrade Studio, Boston, Massachusetts from March 10-26, 2000. Sears & Conner (and friends) get this one right. Plain and simple. They understand Coward’s and Porter’s intentions and are the perfect interpreters of their genre!



Together With Music

with Valerie Anastasio & Tim Harbold


1. Together With Music Noël Coward

2. A Room With a View Noël Coward

3. Red, Hot and Blue Cole Porter

4. World Weary Noël Coward

5. Pick Me Up and Lay Me Down Cole Porter

6. The Physician Cole Porter

7. Begin the Beguine Cole Porter

8. Nina Noël Coward

9. Someday I’ll Find You Noël Coward

10. Mrs. Worthington Noël Coward

11. Let’s Do It Cole Porter

12. Party Medley

I’m Throwing a Ball Tonight Cole Porter

I’ve Been to a Marvelous Party Noël Coward

Well, Did You Evah? Cole Porter

13. Brush Up Your Shakespeare Cole Porter

14. If Love Were All Noël Coward

15. We Were Dancing Noël Coward

16. Can Can Cole Porter

17. Anything Goes Cole Porter

18. Let’s Do It [lyrics by Noël Coward] Cole Porter 

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Coward, Porter


Coward, Porter


Benjamin Sears, Bradford Conner






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