Mutiny David Essex London cast


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1. Prologue – Shaun Curry, Officers, Ship’s Crew
2. New World – David Essex, Neville Jason, David Oakley, Ship’s Crew
3. Friends – Frank Finlay, David Essex
4. The Storm – Simon Packham, Anthony Johncock, Ship’s Crew
5. Failed Cape Horn – Frank Finlay, David Essex
6. Saucy Sal – David Essex, Ship’s Crew
7. The Lash – Patrick Clancy
8. Welcome – Nicola Blackman, Frank Olegario, Tahitians, Ship’s Crew
9. Wardance – Frank Olegario
10. Tahiti – David Essex, Sinitta
11. Breadfruit/Will You Come Back? – David Essex, Sinitta, Ship’s Crew
12. Hell – David Essex, Ship’s Crew
13. Freedom – David Essex, Frank Finlay, Ship’s Crew
14. Falling Angels Riding – David Essex, Mutineers
15. Bligh’s Speech – Frank Finlay
16. I’ll Go No More A-Roving – David Essex



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