Musicals From The Land Of OZ


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1. Rio [The Boy From Oz] – Todd McKenney/Chorus 

2. Always [Always] – Debra Byrne 

3. Peter Pan [Pan] – Brydon Stace 

4. Only Heaven Knows [Only Heaven Knows] – Alex Harding 

5. I Feel Like I Wanna Boogie [Prisoner Cell Block H – The Musical] – Simone Dee 

6. Picture Postcard Place [The Prodigal Son] – Original Cast 

7. Happy Families [The Prodigal Son] – Original Cast 

8. Love Is The One Thing [Buskers And Angels] – Martine Monroe/Carol Starkey 

9. To Build Our Dreams [Martin And Gina] – Francesca Arena/Reg Ellery/Daryl Emmerson/Marg McLaren/Steven Ritchie/Susan Ann-Walker 

10. Bound For A Speck On The Map [Chair In The Landscape] – Jason Langley/Beth Daly 

11. We Danced [The Sunshine Club] – Ursula Yovich 

12. I Never Told Him I Loved Him [Prisoner Cell Block H – The Musical] – Simone Dee 

13. Opera Tonight [The Plumber’s Opera] – Glynn Nicholls/Jenny Vuletic/Christen O’Leary/Ben Harkin 

14. Be Too Close To Me [A Portrait Of Love/Leonardo] – Simon Burke/Erana Clark 

15. Sail Away [Mary Bryant] – Pippa Grandison 

16. Winter Kind Of Summer * [Careful He Might Hear You] – Toni Lamond 

17. I’ll Hold On [Miracle City] – Penny Pavlakis 

18. Passionfruit Vine [The Sunshine Club] – Ursula Yovich 

19. If This Is Love [Crusade] – Francesca Arena

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