Music in the Air-Show Boat-Roberta UK Studio casts 1959


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1. Overture 9Darkies All Work On De Mississippi)
2. Where’s The Mate For Me (Who Cares If My Boat Goes Upstream) – Make-Believe (Only Make Believe I Love You)
3. Ol’ Man River (Dere’s An Ol’ Man Called De Mississippi)
4. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (Oh, Listen, Sister)
5. Life Upon The Wicked Stage
6. I Might Fall Back On You (After I Have Looked Around The World)
7. You Are Love (Once A Wand’ring Ne’er-Do-Well)
8. I Still Suits Me (Keep On A’Naggin’)
9. Why Do I Love You? (I’m Walking On The Air, Dear)
10. Bill (I Used To Dream That I Would Discover)
11. Finale (Life Upon The Wicked Stage)
12. And Love Was Born (A Warm Spriong Night Was Stirred By A Breeze) – Marion Grimaldi
13. I’ve Told Every Little Star (I Make Things Up To Say) – Marion Grimaldi
14. I’m Alone – Marion Grimaldi
15. When The Spring Is In The Air – Marion Grimaldi
16. The Song Is You (I Hear Music When I Look At You) – Marion Grimaldi
17. You’re Devestating (When I Think Of Who You Are) – June Bronhill
18. Yesterdays – June Bronhill
19. I’ll Be Hard To Handle (Now We’ll Say: ‘Till Something Do Us Part!’) – June Bronhill
20. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (They Asked Me How I Knew) – June Bronhill
21. Lovely To Look At (Clothes Must Play A Part) – June Bronhill


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