Mia Vie (My Life) Lee Pockriss, Paul Vance – Pop Songs CDR


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This is one of my favorite CD’s performed by lyricist Paul Vance.
The romantic orchestrations were written by Lee Pockriss (he also wrote Ernest in Love and Tovarich). My favorite songs from this album are My Little Corner of the World and (especially) It Happens Every Day.

  1. Ma Vie (My Life)
  2.  The Flame Of Love
  3.  It Happens Every Day
  4.  I Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do
  5.  Gina
  6. Sexy
  7.  Domage, Domage (To Bad, To Bad)
  8.  It’s That Time Of Day
  9.  My Little Corner Of The World
  10. Julie Knows
  11.  Starbright
  12. You Only See Her


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