Mark Twain: A Musical Biography (1989) on DVDR




Title: Mark Twain: A Musical Biography
Date: 1989
Location: On location in Elmira, NY
Language: English
Quality of video: Video is a little fuzzy, but that’s expected with these older recordings. The sound is excellent, the shots are clear. It’s definitely watchable, and not just watchable but enjoyable too. 
Duration: 1 hours, 28 minutes
Details: Samuel Clemens was a printer, a Mississippi River pilot, a confederate soldier, a miner, a reporter, a lecturer, an editor, a humorist, a businessman, a publisher, a devoted husband and father, quite possibly in his time the most recognizable man in the world, and, of course, one of the greatest American writers who ever lived…Mark Twain. From novel to short story, from “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” to “The Man That Corrupted Hadleybury,” his works became world-renowned, and perhaps more that any other writer, he became synonymous with the zest for life, the wit, the humor, and the colorful human portraits that are the embodiment of the American spirit.
“Mark Twain: A Musical Biography” presents his fascinating life story, beautifully realized in this entertaining evening hailed by the critics. Filmed in Mark Twain’s birthplace of Elmira, NY, and originally broadcast on PBS. Cast includes William Perley, Bernadette Wilson, Jack Waddell, Ray Dooley, and Mike Gill.


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