Man of Magic – 1966 Original London Cast


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Houdini was played by Stuart Damon whose strong voice and touch welcome sense of humor humanize Houdini and whose matinee idol looks make up for a script that never really grapples with the enigma of the real man. 

There have been so many planned musicals about Harry Houdini through the years; remember the one that was to star Hugh Jackman and to be written by Stephen Schwartz ? So tantalizing, but something about the Harry Houdini’s life and persona defeats writers. Houdini died on Halloween, what script could possibly top that? Damon’s pop album from the late 1960’s is also included.

  1. Man of Magic
  2. Floral Sisters
  3. Man In The Crowd
  4. Fantabulous
  5. The Man That Captures My Heart
  6.  Suddenly
  7. Sling the Gin
  8. Conquer the World
  9. Take Your Medicine
  10.  Like No Other Man
  11. The Earth Is the Lord’s
  12. Kester’s Crystal Cabbage
  13. You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
  14. This He Knows
  15. Say Your Name
  16. Suddenly
  17. Finale

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Wilfred Wylam


Aubrey Cash, John Morley


Gaye Brown, Judith Bruce, Stuart Damon, Christian Fox, Roger Frith, Doris Hare, David Henderson-Tate, Stubby Kaye, Colin Welland




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