Maggie (Wilder) London cast CDR + 1957 Princeton Triangle Club in Never Say Horses


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Never Say Horses by Glen Paxton and Robert Goldman who went on to write First Impressions and Follies

1. Maggie/I Can See The Stars
2. It’s Safe
3. Charm
4. I’ve Never Laughed In My LIfe
5. Three Hundred Pounds
6. Scottish Lullaby
7. Maggie
8. The London Waltz
9. If I Ever Really Love
10. Scottish Wedding
11. Do You Remember
12. Till The End Of TIme
13. Only You
14. Dougal Drummons Railway
15. Soliloquy
16. If Only Once
17. They’re In Love
18. Just An Idea
19. Oh La La
20. I Just Found Out
21 Charm (Reprise)

Live tracks from the 1980 cast (with Anna Neagle replacing Anna Sharkey)
22. If I Ever Really Love
23. Do You Remember
24. Just An Idea
25. Till The End Of Time

Never Say Horses:
1 Overture
2. Canine Cantata
3. Not Enough/On Nights Like These
4. My God, My Goddess
5. Luck To Make it Last
6. Hello
7. Ukulele Lullaby
8. What Was Her Name?
9. New York
10. Mother Druther
11. Hello Star
12. Two of You
13. Finale: Wizard Oil


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