Lost West End 2 – New Release CD


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22 tracks with such stars as Paul Jones, Michael Crawford, Colm Wilkinson and Hannah Waddingham.

Shows sampled include: Bordello, Drake’s Dream, Winnie, Jack the Ripper, Maggie, Damsels in Distress, Flowers for Algernon, The Importance, Napoleon, Imagine This, Zorro, Moby Dick, Blondel, Dean, Fire Angel, Isabel’s a Jezebel, Murderous Instinct, Boyband, Casper – the Musical, Voyeurz, Money to Burn, Wild, Wild Women.

Most of the shows did not offer albums and the selections include O.C.,demos ,composer versions and U.S. versions

1. Bordello (from ‘Bordello’)
2. I’ve Always Had A Dream (from ‘Drake’s Dream’)
3. Winnie (from ‘Winnie’)
4. Step Across The River (from ‘Jack The Ripper’)
5. Damsels In Distress (from ‘After Shave’)
6. Whatever Time There Is (from ‘Flowers For Algernon’)
7. Till The End Of Time (from ‘Maggie’)
8. Sincerely Yours (from ‘The Importance’)
9. Waiting And Hoping (from ‘Napoleon’)
10. Imagine This (from ‘Imagine This’)
11. The Man Behind The Mask (from ‘Zorro’)
12. Love Will Always (from ‘Moby Dick’)
13. The Least Of My Troubles (from ‘Blondel’)
14. Running Out Of Time (From ‘Dean’)
15. My Body’s Weary (from ‘Fire Angel’)
16. More Than Earth (from ‘Isabel’s A Jezebel’)
17. It’s So Much Fun To Be Gay (from ‘Murderous Instincts’)
18. More (from ‘Casper’)
19. Gentle Love (from ‘Boyband – The Musical’)
20. I’d Die For You (from ‘Voyeurz’)
21. Fire With Fire (from ‘Money To Burn’)
22. BONUS TRACK: Second Hand Rag (From ‘Wild Wild Women’)

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