Lost Broadway and More – Volume 5 (Jule Styne and Comden & Green et. al.)


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Original Cast Records and Footlight Records are pleased to continue to showcase these wonderful rare songs, this time we highlight the Broadway and the film career of Jule Styne and Comden & Green along with their various collaborators. Lost Broadway and More – Volume 5 features never-before-recorded songs from Jule Styne’s Broadway catalog (FUNNY GIRL, FADE OUT-FADE IN, HALLELUJAH, BABY!, SAY, DARLING, etc.) as well as obscure songs from Jule’s time spent in Hollywood [STEP LIVELY, THE KID FROM BROOKLYN, etc.) We have a terrific cast of singers including Tom Hewitt, Marc Kudisch, Leslie Kritzer, Christine Pedi, and Ethan Haberfield (Michael Banks from Mary Poppins) et. al. – the CD features 25 singers in all. We also feature, once again, the terrific talents of Michael Lavine (Music Direction and Piano.) This is a must-have for all of your collection and one you will enjoy again and again. We certainly do.


Song List:

1. Overture (Michael Lavine)[High Button Shoes]

2. Why Must There Be An Op’ning Song (Nomi Tichman, Brett Stoeckler, Melissa Dye, Michael Marcotte, Janet Fanale and Matthew Schmidt)[Step Lively – Film]

3. Audition #1

4. Notice Me (Michael Lowney)[Fade Out – Fade In]

5. Hey! What’s Your Name? (Brooke Moriber)[The Kid From Brooklyn – Film]

6. You Interest Me (Marc Kudisch)[A Doll’s Life]

7. A Girl To Remember (Brooke Moriber)[Fade Out – Fade In]

8. My Little Yellow Dress (Nyna Nelson)[Say Darling]

9. Audition #2

10. Funny Girl (Leslie Kritzer)[Funny Girl – Broadway]

11. Temporary Arrangement (John Jeffrey Martin)[Funny Girl – Broadway]

12. I Did It On Roller Skates (Christine Pedi)[Funny Girl – Broadway]

13. Jaded Lady (Nehal Joshi, Michael Lowney and Michael Schmidt)[Fade Out – Fade In]

14. Love Is Nothing But A Racket (John Jeffrey Martin and Elizabeth Loyacano)[It’s Always Fair Weather – Film]

15. Little Lost Dream (Carrie Johnson)

16. Misunderstood (Tom Hewitt)[Bonanza Bound]

17. Audition #3

18. When The Weather’s Better (Michael Lavine and Nyna Nelson)[Hallelujah, Baby!]

19. Alone In The World (Ethan Haberfield and Bruce Yeko)[Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol]

20. Audition #4

21. So Far So Good (Michael Lavine and Elizabeth Loyacona)[Two On The Aisle]

22. I’m Laying Away A Buck (Brooke Moriber)[Glad To See You]

23. Fill ‘Er Up (Christine Pedi, Michael Lavine, Edward Staudenmayer and Tom Hewitt)[Bonanza Bound]

24. Audition #5

25. What A Way To Go (Jenny Ashman, Arlo Hill and Michael Lowney)[from the film of the same title]

26. Finale


From the CD Liner Notes:

Betty Comden and Adolph Green began their writing career in the late 1930s with their nightclub musical act THE REVUERS and hit Broadway with ON THE TOWN, in which they wrote themselves a couple of juicy roles. Their careers on Broadway and in Hollywood found them collaborating with Leonard Bernstein, Morton Gould, Saul Chaplin and Andre Previn, among others, but perhaps their most frequent writing partner was Jule Styne.


Styne had begun composing for all sorts of things, including ice show extravaganzas, but he then found himself working with a number of partners on various film projects. Eventually he came back to New York with HIGH BUTTON SHOES. Despite writing movie musicals and winning several Academy Awards, he was never far from Broadway again.


Even now a season without Comden and Green or Jule Styne is a rarity. PETER PAN is seen somewhere almost annually.


This album is a celebration of Jule Styne’s and Betty Comden & Adolph Green’s collaboration – as well as all of their collaborators, including the great composers and lyricists such as Sammy Cahn, Morton Gould, Larry Grossman, Bob Merrill, Andre Previn, et. al. with a nod to other teams, such as Hammerstein & Kern and Lerner & Lowe.


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