Losing My Mind Sondheim Disco 2020 cd




13 piece orchestra

1. Opening (Doors) — Joshua Hinck, Charity Angél Dawson, Chip Zien, Aili Venho (2:50)
2. There Are Giants Somewhere — Joshua Hinck, Aili Venho (3:02)
3. Hello Pretty Lady/Lovely Moments by the Sea — Joshua Hinck, Brittnie Price (5:55)
4. Unworthy of Your Love — Alison Luff, Blaine Krauss (3:45)
5. Our Time — Juwan Crawley, Deonté L. Warren (2:58)
6. No One Is Alone — Charity Angél Dawson, Aneesa Folds, Deonté L. Warren (3:52)
7. The Miller’s Son — Aili Venho (4:07)
8. Artists Are Bizarre… — Joshua Hinck, Aili Venho (3:14)
9. Color and Light — Joshua Hinck (3:02)
10. It’s Hot up Here in This City on Fire — Deonté L. Warren, Juwan Crawley, Kyle Bambi Louviere, Vishal Vaidya, Joshua Hinck (3:14)
11. Losing My Mind — Charity Angél Dawson, Joshua Hinck (3:22)
12. Megamix: Take Me to the World — Aili Venho, Joshua Hinck, Alison Luff, Blaine Krauss, Brittnie Price, Aneesa Folds, Charity Angél Dawson, Deonté L. Warren


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