Lizzie Borden (Chris Mcgovern-Amy Powers) starring Alison Fraser on CDR


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Our original recording is back on CD! Allison gives a thrilling performance.
Amy Powers also wrote the best songs in Sunset Blouvard  Doctor Zhivago and Dangerous Games.

1. Prologue — Rex Hays, Alison Fraser (3:26)
Even for August — Eleanor Glockner, Bethanne Collins, Brenda Cummings, Marian Steiner, Company
2. Quiet Little Town — Michael Babin, Jamey McGaugh, Brenda Cummings, Rose McGuire, Alison Fraser, Joan Barber, Company (4:01)
3. Before the Tea Party — Joan Barber, Alison Fraser, Eleanor Glockner (2:49)
The House on the Hill — Alison Fraser, Madeline Blue
4. First Tea Party — Marian Steiner, Alison Fraser, Eleanor Glockner, Joan Barber, Bethane Collins, Brenda Cummings (3:00)
5. Every Time I Look At You — Madeline Blue, Rex Hays (2:05)
6. Buttons — Steven L. Hudson, Alison Fraser, Bethanne Collins, Rex Hays (4:04)
7. Fly Away — Alison Fraser, Madeline Blue (2:24)
8. The Maggie Work — Rose McGuire, Jamey McGaugh, Alison Fraser, Eleanor Gluckner (4:44)
9. Another Dinner — Rose McGuire, Michael Babin, Alison Fraser, Joan Barber, Rex Hays, Eleanor Glockner (3:47)
10. Fly Away (reprise) — Alison Fraser, Michael Babin, Rex Hays, Madeline Blue (5:13)
Hot — Joan Barber, Alison Fraser, Rex Hays, Company
11. The Trial of Lizzie Borden Unwinds — Alison Fraser, Marian Steiner, Bethane Collins, Brenda Cummings, Joan Barber, Michael Babin, Jamey McGaugh, Company (4:50)
12. Oh How Awful! Oh How Sad! — Joan Barber, Alison Fraser, Brenda Cummings (3:46)
13. Ever Since August — Marian Steiner, Alison Fraser, Rose McGuire, Company (2:15)
14. So Easily — Michael Babin, Alison Fraser (4:46)
15. I Cry Alone — Alison Fraser, Madeline Blue (3:11)
16. Murder Morning — Alison Fraser, Michael Brabin (3:44)
Verdict — Rex Hays, Jamey McGaugh, Michael Babin, Marian Steiner, Brenda Cummings, Bethanne Collins, Company
The House On The Hill (Reprise) — Alison Fraser, Madeline Blue, Company


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