Liza of Lambeth – 1976 London Cast


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1. Husbands

2. Liza

3. Gawd Bless Yer

4. I’ve Got A Talent

5. I Come Down From Wigan

6. Liza Of Lambeth’s Mum

7. Liza Ballet

8. Prince Of Wales

9. Is This All?

10. Watch It

11. Red Jollop

12. Good Bad Time

13. Who In His Right Mind?

14. Going Down To Chingford On A Chara

15. Tricky Finish

16. Whatever Happens To A Man

17. Beautiful Colours

18. What’s The Use Of Killing Yourself

19. Gilbert And Sullivan

20. Why Can’t We Choose?

21. I Know I Shouldn’t Like It

22. Between Ourselves

23. A Little Bit On The Side

24. Liza (Reprise)

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Cliff Adams


William Rushton, Benny Stringle


David Bowman, Kenneth Caswell, Frank Coda, Pamela Cundell, Paddy Glynn, Brian Hall, Jeannie Harris, Patricia Hayes, Tony Hughes, Peggy Ann Jones, Bryan Marshall, Tina Martin, Richard Merson, Christopher Neil, Ron Pember, David Rayner, Jean Reeve, Angela Richards, Michael Robbins, Eric Shilling, Dudley Stevens, Stella Tanner, Jan Todd, Margaret Vickers, Kate Williams




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