Kurt Weill Revisited – Ann Miller, Chita Rivera, and Jo Sullivan




1. Songs from One Touch of Venus — The Girls, Paula Laurence, Arthur Siegel
Vive la Difference
One Touch of Venus
That’s How Much I Love You
Very Very Very
2. This Time Next Year [Huckleberry Finn] – Ann Miller
3. You Understand Me So [Love Life] – Chita Rivera
4. I Remember It Well [Love Life] – Jo Sullivan
5. Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed [Street Scene] – Ann Miller
6. Youkali Tango [The Casino de Paris Revue] – Paula Laurence, Arthur Siegel
7. Dr. Crippen [One Touch of Venus] – Men, Chita Rivera
8. Italy in Technicolor [Street Scene] – Jo Sullivan
9. Poor Mrs. Peachum [Threepenny Opera] – Paula Laurence
10. You Are Unforgettable [Lady in the Dark] – Arthur Siegel
11. Love in the Mist [One Touch of Venus] – Jo Sullivan
12. Is It Him or Is It Me? [Love Life] – Ann Miller
13. Locker Room [Love Life]- John Reardon, Arthur Siegel, Men


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