Kelly – Charlap-Lawrence 1998 York Theater Cast Brian D’Arcy James


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1. Ode To The Brooklyn Bridge – Brian D’Arcy James
2. Heavyweight Champ Of The World – Eddie Lawrence/Chorus
3. That Old Time Crowd – Marcia Lewis/Chorus
4. The Times That Linger – Brian D’Arcy James/Marge Redmond
5. Augie Masters – Conrad John Schuck/Chorus
6. Home Again – Sandy Stewart/Chorus
7. I’ll Never Go There Anymore – Sally Mayes/Brian D’Arcy James
8. It Kinda Makes You Wonder – Brian D’Arcy James/Jane Connell/Eddie Lawrence
9. The Insurance Game – George S. Irving
10. Go To Sleep Early – Jane Connell
11. Ballad To A Brute – Sandy Stewart
12. The Big Town – Conrad John Schuck/George S. Irving
13. Everyone Here Loves Kelly – Jane Connell/George S. Irving/Brian D’Arcy James/Eddie Lawrence/Marcia Lewis/Sally Mayes, Bruce Yeko
14. Bonus Track: I’ll Never Go There Anymore (Pop Version) – Sandy Stewart


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