Kaye Ballard: The Ladies Who Wrote the Lyrics CDR


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1. Don’t Ask the Lady What the Lady Did Before [1st Recording]
2. Medley No. 1
3. I Wanna Be Yours [1st Recording]
4. Medley No. 2
5. It Amazes Me
6. Little Me
7. Little Me Medley
8. Killing Time
9. Old Soft Shoe
10. He’s a Millionaire [1st Recording]
11. I Feel a Song Coming On
12. Medley No. 3
13. Medley No. 4
14. After Forty It’s Patch Patch Patch [1st Recording]
15. Medley No. 5
16. Please Don’t Send Me Down a Baby Brother
17. Medley No. 6
18. Medley No. 7
19. Finale Medley
20. Encore: Thank You for a Lovely Evening

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Ben Bagley


Kaye Ballard


Arthur Siegel




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