Karen Oberlin & Sean Harkness: A Wish


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A Wish, like a hope or a dream, whether simple or complex, is always personal. Yet the wishes of two artists can be expressed in one creative project like this one by Karen Oberlin and Sean Harkness. Karen had wished for years to make a duo recording with only guitar and vocals, and she found the ideal partner in Sean. When they first played together, spontaneously in an impromptu performance, they both knew they had to make an album together, or that became their great, mutual wish. Kitty Skrobela of Miranda Music, as is her way, made their dream come to life, their hope become reality, their wish come true. The fascinating, eclectic mix of extraordinary songwriters on this album, like Dorothy Fields, Paul McCartney, Fred Hersch and Joni Mitchell, unwittingly collaborated on this project as the song springboard for what these two artists wished to express. Collectively, Karen and Sean have brought to life this multi-faceted, deeply felt wish with a deliciously personal perspective on life and love…as if anything else matters.


Track Listing:


01. I’ll String Along With You (2:50)

02. More Than You Know (5:29)

03. A Wish (3:29)

04. Train In The Distance (4:00)

05. Do You Think This Happens Every Day (3:00)

06. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs (3:30)

07. Love (3:15)

08. Autumn Nocturne (4:54)

09. My Valentine (3:13)

10. Poor You (2:47)

11. No One Knows (3:59)

12. My One And Only Love (4:26)

13. Remind Me (4:24)

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