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1.Just So — John Barrowman, Ensemble

2.There’s No Harm in Asking — Richard Dempsey, John Barrowman

3.Another Tempest — Ensemble

4.The Limpopo River — John Barrowman, Julie Atherton, Richard Dempsey, Ensemble

5.Living on This Island — Ahmet Ahmet, Anthony Drewe

6.Thick Skin — Nicolas Colicos

7.The Parsee Cake Cake-Walk — Ahmet Ahmet, Anthony Drewe, Ensemble

8.We Want to Take the Ladies Out — Dean Hussain, Simon Greiff

9.Pick Up Your Hooves and Trot — Akiya Henry, Alexis Owen-Hobbs, Richard Dempsey, Julie Atherton

10.Jungle Light

Just So (Reprise) — John Barrowman, Ensemble

11.The Argument — Richard Dempsey, Julie Atherton

12.Wait a Bit — Julie Atherton

13.Leaps and Bounds — Andrew Spillet, Daniele Coombe, John Barrowman, Ensemble

14.Does the Moment Ever Come? — Richard Dempsey

15.Please Don’t Touch My Stove — Ahmet Ahmet, Nicolas Colicos, Anthony Drewe, Richard Dempsey

16.Little One Come Hither — John Barrowman, Richard Dempsey


The Crab — John Barrowman, Julie Atherton, Richard Dempsey, Ensemble


The Limpopo (Reprise) — John Barrowman, Ensemble

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George Stiles


Anthony Drewe


Julie Atherton, John Barrowman, Nicolas Colicos, Daniele Coombe, Richard Dempsey, Anthony Drewe, Simon Greiff, Akiya Henry, Dean Hussain, Andy Vinter




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