Joan Roberts (OKLAHOMA!’s original ‘Laurey’) Rare Cast Songs/Julia Sanderson & Frank Crumit Selections (CD-R) A FOOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE!


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CD-R Release Date: June 24, 2014


(This CD-R is professionally duplicated in the same plant where we have many of our CD titles manufactured. It has an applied disc label – like any CD.) 


We have attempted to compile a most unusual CD-R here. The songs sung by Julia Sanderson (who is most associated with Kern’s original “THE GIRL FROM UTAH” where she first introduced Kern’s colossal hit “They Didn’t Believe Me” to the world in 1914) along with her husband Frank Crumit – famous as the first man to play ukulele on Broadway! – originate from a 1941 Decca release. 


All of the Joan Roberts (the original ‘Laurey’ from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA ) songs were sung on Broadway, but Joan was Nanette Fabray’s replacement in High Button Shoes. These selection were on a 10-inch record in the early 1950s on an obscure label. These songs feature completely new orchestrations for the record and a large orchestra. 


They are a delightful listening experience! 


Four of the songs (those from ‘Marinka’ and ‘Are You With It?’) are cast recordings that only appear here!! 16 songs total.


Track List:


Julia Sanderson/Frank Crumit

1. Sweet Lady

2. Hello, I’ve Been Looking For You

3. Same Sort Of Girl (from Kern’s ‘The Girl From Utah’)

4. You’ll Never Grow Old

5. You’re Here and I’m Here (from Kern’s ‘The Marriage Market’)

6. Bring Me A Rose (from ‘The Arcadians’)

7. They Wouldn’t Believe Me (introduced by Julia Sanderson in Kern’s ‘The Girl From Utah’)

8. The Girl with the Brogue (from ‘The Arcadians’)


Joan Roberts

9. People Will Say We’re in Love (from ‘Oklahoma!’ – with new orchestrations)

10. Papa Won’t You Dance With Me (from ‘High Button Shoes’)

11. This Is My Beloved (Revel and Horwitt – introduced by Joan Roberts in ‘Are You With It?’)

12. Treat A Woman Like A Drum (Very politically incorrect song that claimed that a happy marriage results from some occasional “physical contact”! Wow! Emmerich Kalman & George Marion Jr. from ‘Marinka’ – introduced by Joan Roberts.)

13. Many A New Day (from ‘Oklahoma!’)

14. Sigh By Night (Emmerich Kalmam & George Marion Jr. – A politically correct song from ‘Marinka.’ Go figure.)

15. Here I Go Again (Revel & Horwitt from ‘Are You With It?’ introduced by Joan Roberts.)

16. I Still Get Jealous (from ‘High Button Shoes’)


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Joan Roberts, Julia Sanderson, Frank Crumit






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