Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke Movie Scores 1947-1953 Volume 2, Two CDRs


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Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke
Film Scores 1947-1953 – Volume Two
This CD-R is a continuation from Volume One (Film Scores 1920-1947) produced from the 2 LP collection of “The Classic Movie Musicals of Jimmy Van Heusen” (with Johnny Burke’s lyrics) from Box Office Productions (JJA 1986) or Crosby’s Decca recordings from “Bing’s Hollywood” LP series (*). There are 33 songs from eight films between 1947 and 1953. They are all sung by Bing Crosby UNLESS otherwise identified.

Disc One, Volume Two

“Welcome Stranger” (1947)
1. My Heart is a Hobo
2. Smile Right Back at the Sun*
3. As Long as I’m Dreaming*
4. Country Style* – with the Calico Kids
“Road to Rio” (1947)
5. Overture/Road to Rio – Orchestra
6. We’re on Our Way – with Bob Hope
7. Experience – Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope
8. But Beautiful
9. You Don’t Have to Know the Language – With the Andrew Sisters
“Connecticutt Yankee” (1949)
10. Once & For Always* – Ken Darby Choir
11. IF You Stub Your Toe on the Moon *
12. Busy Doing Nothing* – with William Bendix, Sir Cedric Hardwicke
13. Once and for Always (Reprise) – with Rhonda Fleming
“Top of the Morning” (1949)
14. You’re in Love with Someone
15. Top of the Morning*
“Riding High” (1959)
16. Sunshine Cake* – with Carol Richards for Jane Wyman
17. (We’ve Got) A Sure Thing*
18. The Horse Told Me*
19. Someplace on Anywhere Road

Disc Two Volume Two
“Mr. Music” (1950)
1. Accidents Will HAppen – with Dorothy Kirsten
2. Life is so Peculiar* – With the Andrew Sisters
3. And You’ll Be Home*
4. Milady* – w/ Dorothy Kirsten
5. Wouldn’t It Be Funny
6. Once More the Blue and White
7. High On the List – with the Andrew Sisters
“Road to Bali” (1953)
8. The Road to Bali* – with Bob Hope
9. Chicago Style* – with Bob Hope
10. Hoot Man* – with Bob Hope
11. To See You*
12. Moonflowers – Dorothy Lamour
13. Merry-Go-Round ARound – with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour
“Little Boy Lost” (1953)
14. The Magic Window
15. Cela M’Est Egal (If It’s All the Same To You)*
16. A Propos De Rien*


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