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Jimmy Van Heusen’s successful career had little to do with Broadway. His forte was that of a composer of film and pop songs. He primarily worked with two lyricists. Initially there was Johnny Burke during the “Crosby Years” when numerous film scores for Bring Crosby were made. This was followed by the “Sinatra Years” when he teamed up with Sammy Cahn. First, on this CD-R are songs from the only two Broadway shows he wrote with Johnny Burke. While both failed, “Carnival in Flanders” produced “Here’s That Rainy Day”. After joining Sammy Cahn, the two wrote the title song for a Broadway show with Lena Horne that also failed. This was then followed by two moderately successful shows. Several ‘cover records’ appear here. Finally we hear selections from two TV soundtracks and a “bonus” interview with the lyricist.”

Broadway Productions
“Nellie Bly” (1946)
1. Harmony – Crosby, Hope, Lamour, Gary Cooper, Barry Fitzgerald, Ray Milland, William Holden, Martha Raye (Song from a failed show, used in “Variety Girl” film with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope)
“Carnival In Flanders” (1953)
2. That Man Is Doing His Worst to Make Good – Debbie Shapiro Gravitte
3. For A Moment of Your Love – Rebecca Luker
4. How Far Can A Lady Go? – Debbie Shapiro Gravitte
5. The Sudden Thrill – Ed Staudenmayer
6. Here’s That Rainy Day – Debbie Shapiro Gravitte
7. You Can Take the Word of A Gentleman – Ed Staudenmayer

“Come On Strong” (1962)
8. Come On Strong – Lena Horne
“Skyscraper” (1965)
9. Everybody Has The Right to Be Wrong – Frank Sinatra
10. More Than One Way – Sammy Davis Jr.
11. I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her – Frank Sinatra
“Walking Happy” (1966)
12.What Makes It Happen – Tony Bennett
13. Walking Happy – Matt Monrow

Television Productions

“Our Town” (1955 TV)
14. Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra
15. Our Town – Frank Sinatra
“Jack And The Beanstalk” (1967)
16. Half Past April, and A Quarter to May – Bobby Riha, Gene Kelly
17. A Tiny Bit of Faith – Gene Kelly, Bobby Riha
18. One Starry Moment – Marni Nixon
19. It’s Been Nice – Gene Kelly, Bobby Riha
20. Stiffen Up That Upper Lip – Bobby Riha
21. One Starry Moment (Reprise) – Marni Nixon, Gene Kelly


“Sammy Cahn ‘Vista’ Interview”
22. Cahn discusses with Willis Conover the songs written for “Skyscraper,” “Our Town” and Sinatra. Sinatra Sings “Call Me Irresponsible” (Academy Award winner for Cahn-Van Heusen)


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