Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke Movie Scores 1940-1947 Volume One -Two CD-R’s


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Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke
Film Scores 1940-1947 Volume 1
Jimmy Van Heusen primarily worked with two lyricists during his career. Initially there was Johnny Burke during the “Crosby Years” (1940-1953), followed by the “Sinatra Years” when he teamed up with Sammy Cahn. This CD-R features the 2 LP collection of “The Classic Movie Musicals of Jimmy Van Heusen” (with Johnny Burke’s lyrics) from Box Office Productions (JJA 1986). There are 45 songs from 16 films between 1940 and 1947 from the actual soundtracks or Crosby’s Decca recordings from “Bing’s Hollywood” LP series (*). ALL songs are sung by Bing Crosby unless otherwise stated.

Disc One Volume One
“Love Thy Neighbor” (1940)
Isn’t That Just Like Love – Mary Martin
“Road to Zanzibar” (1941)
2. Overture/ You Lucky People You
3. Birds of a Feather* – with Bob Hope
4. Road to Zanzibar (African Etude)
5. You’re Dangerous – Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope
6. You’re Dangerous (Reprise) *
7. It’s Always You
8. It’s Always You (Reprise)
9. It’s Always You – with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour
10. Sawing the Lady In Half Finally – with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour
11. You Lucky People You
“Playmates” (1941)
12. Humpty Dumpty Heart – Kay Kyser, Harry Babbitt vocal
13. Romeo Smith and Juliet jones – Kay Keyser with Harry Babbitt, Ginny Simms
14. How Long Did I Dream? – Kay Kyser with Ginny Simms
“Road to Morocco” (1942)
15. Constantly – Dorothy Lamour
16. Constantly (Reprise) – Dorothy Lamour
17. Road to Morocco – With Bob Hope
18. Moonlight Becomes You
19. Moonlight Becomes You (Reprise) – with Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour
20. Ain’t Got a Dime to My Name
“Dixie” (1943)
21. Sunday, Monday or Always*
22. If You Please* – with Dorothy Lamour
“Lady in the Dark” (1944)
23. Suddenly It’s Spring – Ginger Rogers
“And the Angels Sing” (1944)
24. It Could Happen to You – Dorothy Lamour
25. And His Rocking Horse Ran Away – Betty Hutton

Disc Two Volume One
“Going My Way” (1944)
1. Going My Way*
2. Swinging On A Star* (Academy Award for Best Song)
3. The Day After Forever*
“Belle of the Yukon” (1944)
4. Like Someone In Love – Dinah Shore
5. A Sleigh Ride In July – Dinah Shore (Nominated for Best Song)
6. Like Someone In Love (Reprise) – Dinah Shore
7. A Sleigh Ride In July (Reprise) – Dinah Shore
“The Bells of St. Mary’s” (1945)
8. Aren’t You Glad You’re You (Nominated as Best Song)
“Duffy’s Tavern” (1945)
9. The Hard Way – Betty Hutton and Billy De Wolfe
“The Great John L.” (1945)
10. A Friend of Yours – Roy Hamilton
“Cross My Heart” (1946)
11. That Little Dream Got Nowhere – Dinah Shore
“My Heart Goes Crazy” (1946)
12. My Heart Goes Crazy – Paula Kelly & the Modernaire
“Road to Utopia” (1946)
13. Overture/Road to Utopia
14. Goodtime Charlie – with Bob Hope
15. It’s Anybody’s Spring
16. Put it There Pal – with Bob Hope
17. Personality – Dorothy Lamour
18. Would You*
19. Welcome to My Dreams
“Variety Girl” (1947)
20. Harmony – with Bob Hope Gary Cooper, Harry Fitzgerald, Dorothy Lamour, Ray Milland, William Holden, ++


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