Jack: An Opera About the Life of John F. Kennedy – Studio Cast – Will Holt/Tom Sawyer


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Disc 1:

1.Without a Care

To Get Where We Are

Laugh If You Will

2.Who Will Get Up to Lead the Dancin?

I Want the World to Look at My Son

Joe Kennedy’s Run

3.Keep It Light


4.Harvard, Fairest Harvard

5.Summers in Englnad

6.Give a Cheer

Dear Dad

What’s the Score?

7.My Wild Irish Boy

8.Dad, I’m Not Joe

9.I Have No Fear, I Have No Doubt

10.Kissing Babies

The Mayor of Boston

The Object Is to Win

Jack, Jack, Will Lead the Dancin’

Disc 2:

1.For a Moment There, or Two

Mr. Nixon, The Inquiring Reporters Want to Know

Trust Me, Miss Bouvier

2.Never Thought That I’d Believe in True Love

Welcome to Hyannisport

I’m Only Here for the Weekend

3.Politics Is Arithmetic

Looking the Other Way

In My Heart I Hold a Secret

Outta the Way for LBJ

Like a Crazy Mardi Gras

How’s Jack Doin’?

See the Kennedys in Action

Revenge Is Sweet

4.A New America

5.The Great, Grand Inaugral Ball

Welcome to the New Frontier

Bahia de Cochinos

The Lords of Misrule

6.Was There Ever a Time…?

Don’t You Threaten My Boys

7.When the Child Becomes the Father

8.The Mardi Gras Was Spinning Faster

9.We’ve Been Through All This Before

10.The Children

We Do Stand Up

11.The Best of Friends at Last

12.A Trip to Texas Is Necessary

13.Now You’re Talking

Come Light Up the World

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Will Holt


Will Holt, Tom Sawyer


Frank Anderson, David Chaney, Michael Brian Dunn, Rita Gardner, Claudia Rose Golde




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