I and Albert LIVE (Strouse-Adams) London Recording CDR




We don’t have an exact song list for this specific live recording, but songs are likely to include the original score, as follows:

1. Vivat! Vivat Regina!/It Has All Begun
2. Leave It Alone
3. I’ve ‘Eard The Bloody ‘Indoos’ As It Worse
4. The Victoria And Albert Waltz
5. This Gentle Land/This Noble Land
6. I And Albert
7. His Royal Highness
8. Enough!/Victoria
9. All Glass/The Genius Of Man
10. Just You And Me
11. Draw The Blinds
12. The Widow At Windsor
13. No One To Call Me Victoria
14. When You Speak With A Lady
15. Go It, Old Girl!
16. Finale: This Noble Land


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