Hold on to your Hats – Cast Album – Grimes, Dearie and Gallagher


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1. Opening Numbers

Opening — Orchestra

Hold on to Your Hats — Helen Gallagher, Ranchettes

Way Out West — Ranchers

Then You Were Never In Love — “Speedy Gonzales” Hillner, Ranchers

Hold on to Your Hats (Reprise) — Entire Company

2. Walking Along Minding My Business — Carleton Carpenter

3. Would You Be So Kindly — Helen Gallagher

4.Life Was Pie for the Pioneer — Arthur Siegel, Helen Gallagher, Carleton Carpenter

5. The World Is In My Arms — Nancy Grennan Hillner, Arthur Siegel

6. She Came, She Saw, She Can-canned — Helen Gallagher, Ranchers, Ranchettes (2:45)

7. Old Timer — Carleton Carpenter

8. Don’t Let It Get You Down — Helen Gallagher, Arthur Siegel, Cynical Bystanders

9. Finale

Down On The Dude Ranch — Ranchers and Ranchettes

There’s A Great Day Coming Manana — Helen Gallagher, Arthur Siegel, Carleton Carpenter, Entire Company

10. Fancy Meeting You — E. Y. “Yip” Harburg

11. Moon About Town — Tammy Grimes

12. Sing the Merry — Chorus

13. Where Have We Met Before? — Patrice Munsel

14. Showgirl Couplets — Patti Wyss, Lotta Nookie, Mona Lotte

15.Poor Whippoorwill — Blossom Dearie

16. Saroyan — E. Y. “Yip” Harburg

17. The Silent Spring — Patrice Munsel, Chorus

18. Goodnight Mrs. Calabash — Arthur Siegel

19. Santa Claus — Ali Robertson

20. Prairie Love Song (a/k/a The Enchanted Clock) — William Cantor

21. I’m Not Myself — Arthur Siegel

22. A Change of Sky — Ann Hampton Callaway


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