Hair – Australian Cast


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1.Aquarius — Melvin Carroll

2.Donna — Cathy Rutten

3.Hashish — Meredith Chipperton


5.Colored Spade — David Argue, Nick Carrafa, Melvin Carroll, Terry Serio

6.Manchester (England) — David Argue, Melvin Carroll, Tina Kopa

7.Peace Chant

8.I’m Black

9.Ain’t Got No

10.Peace Chant (Reprise)

11.Ain’t Got No (Reprise) — Cindy Ann Lee


13.Initials — Nick Carrafa

14.I Got Life — Terry Serio

15.Going Down — Melvin Carroll, Vivien Davies, Armando Hurley, Tina Kopa

16.Dead End — Nick Carrafa, Terry Serio

17.Hair — David Argue

18.My Conviction — Meredith Chipperton

19.Easy to Be Hard — Terry Serio

20.Frank Mills

21.Hare Krishna (the Be-in) — Nick Carrafa

22.Where Do I Go? — Nikki Bennett, Jennifer Davies, Cathy Rutten, Terry Serio

23.Electric Blues — Nikki Bennett, Cindy Ann Lee, Cathy Rutten

24.Black Boys — Melvin Carroll, Tina Kopa, Leata

25.White Boys — Jenny Davis, Armando Hurley, Cindy Ann Lee

26.Walking in Space — Melvin Carroll, Jenny Davis, Armando Hurley, Tina Kopa

27.Abie Baby

28.War — Melvin Carroll, Geoff Paine


30.What a Piece of Work Is Man — Nick Carrafa, Meredith Chipperton

31.How Dare They Try

32.Good Morning Starshine — David Argue

33.Flesh Failures (Let the Sun Shine In) — Armando Hurley

34.Let the Sun Shine in (Reprise) — Nick Carrafa


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Galt MacDermot


James Rado, Gerome Ragni






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