Golden Land 1980 Jewish Musical Neva Small Bruce Adler cdr


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1. Amerike, Hurrah Far Uncle Sem!
2. Lozt Arayn (Let Us In)
3. Vatch Your Step
4. Oy, I Like Him
5. Dem Peddler’s Brivele (The Peddler’s Letter) / A Brivele Der Mamen (A Letter To Mother)
6. Sabbath Montage: Fraytik Oyf Der Nackht / Sabbath Zmires
7. Ballad Of The Triangle Fire / Mamenyu! Elegy For The Triangle Fire Victims
8. Bread And Roses / Arbeter Froyen (Working Women
9. A Grus Fun Di Trenches
10. Lebn Zol Columbus! / Gebentsht Iz Amerike (Blessed Is America!)/Fonye Ganev (The Czar Is A Thief)
11. A Khulem (A Dream)
12. Fun Downtown, Uptown / Fifty-Fifty / Show You Care!
13. WEVD / Joe And Paul’s
14. Ikh Bin A Border Bay Mayn Vayb
15. Mayn Yiddishe Meydele
16. The Badkhn’s Song And The Wedding Dance
17. Papirosn (Cigarettes)
18. Got Un Zayn Mishpet Iz Gerekht
19. Belz, Mayn Shtetele Belz / Yidn Mitn Fidl (Yidl With His Fiddle)
20. Vu Nemt Men Parnose (How Do I Make A Living) / Brother Can You Spare A Dime
21. Rumania, Rumania
22. Finale


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