Going Up Louis Hirsch-Otto Harbach Operetta Archives 1917


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ACT I: Lounging room at Gordon Inn: Lenox, Massachusetts
1. Overture 5:11
2. Opening Chorus: Hello! Hello!
3:46 Miss Zonne, Ensemble
3. I’ll Bet You 3:01 John Gordon, Ensemble
4. I Want a Boy (Who’s Determined to Do What I Say) 2:05 Madeline Manners, Hopkinson Brown
5. If You Look in Her Eyes 2:54 Grace Douglas, Madeline Manners
6. Going Up 2:24 Jules Gaillard, Ensemble
7. Finale 1:06 Ensemble
ACT II: Sitting room of Robert Street’s apartment at the Inn, same evening
8. Entr’acte 0:57
9. The Touch of a Woman’s Hand 3:14 Grace Douglas, Girls
10. Down! Up! Left! Right! 1:48 Street, Brown, Brooks, Robinson
11. Do It for Me 4:47 Madeline Manners, Hopkinson Brown
12. Ev’rybody Ought to Know How to Do the Tickle Toe 1:43 Grace Douglas, Ensemble
13. Kiss Me 3:04 Grace Douglas, Jules Gaillard
14. Scene: If You Look in Her Eyes 0:59 Grace Douglas, Robert Street
15. Finale 0:53 Ensemble
ACT III: Scene I – A field near Gordon Inn, 6:00 the next afternoon / Scene II – Another portion of the field /
Scene III – In the air, an hour later / Scene IV – Exterior of hotel, one hour later
16. Entr’acte 2:08
17. Opening Chorus: Hip Hooray 0:56 Ensemble
18. There’s a Brand New Hero 2:37 Jules Gaillard, Ensemble
19. Here’s to the Two of You 1:30 Grace Douglas, Ensemble
20. Front Scene: You Start to Sway 2:20 Ensemble
21. Finale Ultimo 2:04 Ensemble
Bonus Songs by Irving Berlin
22. Come Along to Toy Town
4:30 Elyse Marchant
23. When the Curtain Falls 5:47 Elyse Marchant, Ryan Reithmeier


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