Giant (LaChiusa) (2012 Cast Recording on 2-CDs) with Brian D’Arcy-James, Kate Baldwin


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2-CD Original Cast Recording of a GREAT new LaChiusa score based on the James Dean film. This is Michael John’s BEST new score in ages! A real thrill! 


Based on the classic novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edna Ferber, GIANT is a new American musical that spans generations in an epic chronicle of the state that’s like no place else on earth: Texas. Amid a turbulent culture of greed, bigotry and money, a powerful cattleman, his new East Coast bride, their family and friends – not to mention their enemies – embrace and confront the joys and sorrows that loom as large as the state they call home.


With a book by Sybille Pearson (the Tony-nominated author of Baby), music and lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa (the five-time Tony-nominated composer of The Wild Party and Hello Again) and direction by Michael Greif (the three-time Tony-nominated director of Rent and The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide…), GIANT came to life in an appropriately huge production with a company of 22 actors and a 17-piece orchestra.


GIANT is a co-production with Dallas Theater Center and a project of The Public’s Musical Theater Initiative. GIANT is made possible with the generous support of THE TED AND MARY JO SHEN CHARITABLE FUND.


ACT 1:


1. Aurelia Dolores (Polo, Lupe, and Company)


2. Did Spring Come to Texas? (Bick)2. Did Spring Come to Texas? (Bick)


3. Your Texas (Leslie, Bick)


4. No Time for Surprises (Luz)4. No Time for Surprises (Luz)


5. Private Property (Jett)


6. Outside Your Window (Jett, Leslie)


7. He Wanted a Girl (Vashti, Bick)7. He Wanted a Girl (Vashti, Bick)


8. Heartbreak Country (Bick, Leslie)


9. Ruega por Nosotros (Lupe, Servants)


10. Look Back/Look Ahead (Bawley, Bick, Leslie, and Company)


11. Topsy Turvy (Leslie, Bick)


12. When to Bluff (Jett, Lil Luz)


13. One Day (Jett, Men)


14. My Texas (Bick, Vashti, Pinkie, Adarene, Mike, Leslie and Company)


15. A Stranger (Leslie)15. A Stranger (Leslie)


16. Act One Finale (Bick, Jett, Bawley, and Company)


ACT 2:


17. Our Mornings/That Thing (Bick, Luz)


18. Jump (Angel, Lil Luz, Bobby Jr.)


19. There is a Child (Juana, Jordy)19. There is a Child (Juana, Jordy)


20. Un Béso, Béso! (Polo, Lupe, Angel, Analita, Luz, and Company)20. Un Béso, Béso! (Polo, Lupe, Angel, Analita, Luz, and Company)


21. Place in the World (Bawley, Bick)


22. Midnight Blues (Vashti, Leslie)


23. The Dog is Gonna Bark (Jett)


24. Juana’s Prayer (Juana)


25. The Desert (Bick, Lesie)


26. Aurelia Dolores Reprise / Act Two Finale (Jordy, Juana, and Company)26. Aurelia Dolores Reprise / Act Two Finale (Jordy, Juana, and Company)


Music & Lyrics: Michael John LaChiusa


Book: Sybille Pearson


Album Producers: Joel Moss, Michael John LaChiusa, and Kurt Deutsch


Orchestrations: Bruce Coughlin


Additional Orchestrations: Larry Hochman


CAST (in order of appearance)


Raul Aranas – Polo Guerra


Brian D’Arcy James – Jordan ‘Bick’ Benedict


Kate Baldwin – Leslie Lynnton Benedict


Doreen Montalvo – Lupe


Isabel Santiago – Deluvina Obregon


Rocío Del Mar Vallés – Analita, Sr./Jr.


Martín Solá – Dimodeo


Enrique Acevedo – Miguel Obregon


Miguel Cervantes – Angel Obregon, Sr./Jr.


William Youmans – Mott ‘Pinkie’ Snythe


Matthew Stocke – Mike McCormack


Jon Fletcher – Bobby Dietz, Sr./Jr.


Michael Halling – Clay Sullivan/Lord Karfrey


Mary Bacon – Mrs. Lynnton/Adarene Morley


Michele Pawk – Luz Benedict


PJ Griffith – Jett Rink


Katie Thompson – Vashti Hake Snythe


Allison Rogers – Heidi Mueller/Lady Karfrey


John Dossett – Uncle ‘Bawley’ Benedict


Mackenzie Mauzy – Lil Luz Benedict


Bobby Steggert – Jordy Benedict, Jr.


Natalie Cortez – Juana Guerra


Additional Cast: Becca Ayers, Xavier Cano, Melissa Mitchell, Tally Sessions




Chris Fenwick – Conductor


Associate Conductor/Keyboard – Chris Haberl


David Mann, Jonathan Levine, John Winder – Reeds


Dylan Schwab, John Trombetta – Trumpet/Flugel


Tim Sessions – Trombone


Una Tone – Concert Master


Robert Shaw, Kiku Enomoto – Violins


Orlando Wells – Viola


Laura Bontrager – Cello


Bill Ellison – Bass


Kevin Kuhn – Guitar


Kory Grossman, Javiar Diaz – Percussion


“Giant is the MOST IMPORTANT NEW MUSICAL to come along since The Light in the Piazza. It’s a show of immense and fully realized promise. Michael John LaChiusa is one of the most prodigiously gifted musical-theater songwriters since Stephen Sondheim.”


–Wall Street Journal


“ALREADY ONE OF THE BEST MUSICALS OF THE YEAR! Wonderfully intimate and complex, Giant reaches peaks of genuine greatness. Brian d’Arcy James and Kate Baldwin are both stars of the first order.” 


–Huffington Post




–The New York Times


“GRADE: A! Michael John LaChiusa has crafted ONE OF THE FINEST NEW AMERICAN MUSICALS IN RECENT MEMORY. He and book writer Sybille Pearson establish surprising depths – it is the story and its epic but human sweep that will draw you in.” 


–Entertainment Weekly


“FOUR STARS! Michael John LaChiusa’s score spills over with emotion and yearning. Michael Greif has done an amazing job, and his cast is superb.”


–New York Daily News


“It’s big! There is much to sing about in this highly ambitious new musical. Brian d’Arcy James and the radiant Kate Baldwin deliver POWERHOUSE PERFORMANCES.” 




“An eloquent, robust new musical. A TOUR DE FORCE PERFORMANCE by Kate Baldwin.”


–Associated Press 


Additional information


Michal John LaChiusa


Michal John LaChiusa


Brian d'Arcy James, Martin Moran


CDR, double




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