Gershwin Years 1955 cdr PAULA Stewart Lynn Roberts Richard Hayes


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First time on cd George Baseman Orchestra


1 When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em…
2 Rialto Ripples
3 Early Ballad Medley
4 Swanee
5 Early Fox Trot Medley
6 Somebody Loves Me
7 Lady, Be Good—Selections
8 Tip-Toe—Selections
9 Oh, Kay—Selectikns
10 Funny Face—Selections
11 Rosalie
12 Treasure Girl—Selections
13 Show Girl—Selections
14 Strike Up The Band—Selections
15 Girl Crazy—Selections
16 Of Thee I Sing—Selections
17 Pardon My English—Selections
18 Let ‘Em Eat Cake
19 Porgy and Bess —Selections
20 Shall We Dance—Selections
21 A Damsel In Distress—Selections
22 The Goldwyn Follies—Selections


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