Funny Girl 2022 cast LEA MICHELE


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Great cd


1. Overture
2. Who Are You Now?
3. If a Girl Isn’t Pretty
4. I’m the Greatest Star
5. Eddie’s Tap
6. Cornet Man
7. His Love Makes Me Beautiful
8. I Want to Be Seen with You
9. Henry Street
10. People
11. You Are Woman, I Am Man
12. Don’t Rain on My Parade
13. Sadie, Sadie
14. Who Taught Her Everything She Knows
15. Temporary Arrangement
16. Rat-tat-tat-tat
17. Who Are You Now? (Reprise)
18. You’re a Funny Girl
Beekman Call
19. What Do Happy People Do?
20. The Music That Makes Me Dance
21. Dream Ballet
22. Finale Act 2


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