Foxy – Musicals Tonight! Cast – Dolan-Mercer


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1. Prologue – Rob Lorey

2. Respectability

3. Many Way to Skin a Cat – Rob Lorey

4. Rollin’ in Gold – Rob Lorey

5. Money Isn’t Everything

6. Larceny and Love G

7. S.S. Commodore Ebenezer McAfee III

8. Honeymoon Is Over

9. Talk to Me Baby

10. My Night to Howl

11. Bon Vivant – Rob Lorey

12. It’s Easy When You Know How

13. Run, Run, Run Cinderella – Rob Lorey

14. Talk to Me Baby (Reprise)

15. I’m Way Ahead of the Game – Rob Lorey, Jay Brian Winnick

16. Letter of the Law

17. In Loving Memory – Jay Brian Winnick

18. Finale – Rob Lorey

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Robert Emmett Dolan


Johnny Mercer


Amy Barkeer, Brian Cooper, Lawrence Cummings, John Flynn, Jessica Frankel, Andrew Gitzy, Natasha Harper, Jason Levinson, Rob Lorey, Micharl Mendiola, Juliette Morgan, George Pellegrino, Marni Raab, Rudy Roberson, David Sabella, Jennifer Scheer, Jay Brian Winnick




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