Fly With Me – Columbia University Cast – Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart


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1.Overture — The Orchestra

2.Gone Are the Days — Avi Simon, Students

3.Penny for Your Thoughts — Dan Frank, Cheryl Suzanne Horowitz

4.Another Melody in F — Marci Pliskin, Students

5.Working for the Government — Peter L. Cromarty, Rod McLucas, Avi Simon, Joshua Worby

6.Inspiration (The Futurist Love Song) — Dan Frank, Cheryl Suzanne Horowitz, Rod McLucas, Johanna Melamed, Marci Pliskin, Students, Joshua Worby

7.Don’t Love Me Like Othello — Francis Larson, Marci Pliskin

8.Dreaming True — Dan Frank, Cheryl Suzanne Horowitz

9.Peek in Pekin’ — Peter L. Cromarty, Annie Laurita

10.College on Broadway — Dan Frank

11.College on Broadway (Reprise)

12.Finale (Act One)

13.Entr’acte — The Orchestra

14.Moonlight and You — Dan Frank

15.Always Room for One More — Dan Frank

16.If I Were You — Dan Frank, Cheryl Suzanne Horowitz

17.Kid, I Love You — Johanna Melamed, Joshua Worby

18.Third Degree of Love — Francis Larson

19.Gunga Dhin — Rod McLucas

20.Twinkling Eyes — Annie Laurita

21. Finale

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Richard Rodgers


Lorenz Hart


Clinton Atkinson, Bernard Becherman, Schuyler G. Chapin, Andrew B. Harris, Howard Shanet, Stuart Triff, Bruce Yeko, Doris Chu Yeko




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