Family Affair (Kander-Goldman) CDR Larry Kert, Rita Gardner, Shelley Berman


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1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Anything for You — Larry Kert, Rita Gardner
3. Beautiful — Shelley Berman
4. My Son, the Lawyer — Eileen Heckart, Lulu Bates, Beryl Towbin, Ensemble
5. Every Girl Wants to Get Married — Rita Gardner, Beryl Towbin
6. Right Girls — Shelley Berman, Jack De Lon, Ensemble
7. Kalua Bay — Eileen Heckart, Morris Carnovsky
8. There’s a Room in My House — Larry Kert, Rita Gardner
9. Football Game — Beryl Towbin, Shelley Berman, Ensemble
10. Harmony — Bibi Osterwald, Jack De Lon, Gino Conforti, Linda Lavin
11. Now, Morris — Morris Carnovsky
12. Wonderful Party — Larry Kert, Bill McDonald
13. Revenge — Shelley Berman, Ensemble
14. Summer Over — Eileen Heckart
15. What I Say Goes — Larry Kert
16. I’m Worse Than Anybody — Eileen Heckart, Morris Carnovsky, Shelley Berman


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