Expresso Bongo / Irma La Douce Highlights – Original London Cast


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1. Overture

2. Don’t You Sell Me Down The River

3. Expresso Party

4. Nausea

5. Spoil The Child

6. Seriously

7. I Never Had It So Good

8. There’s Nothing Wrong With British Youth Today

9. The Shrine On The Second Floor

10. He’s Got Something For The Public

11. I Am

12. Nothing Is For Nothing

13. We Bought It

14. Time

15. The Gravy Train

16. Finale

17. The Dip is Dipping [Bonus Track]

IRMA LA DOUCE highlights

18. Valse Milieu

19. Tres Tres Snob

20. The Bridge of Caulaincourt

21. Our Language Of Love

22. She’s Got The Lot

23. Dis-Donc, Dis-Donc

24. The Wreck Of A Mec

25. That’s A Crime

26. Le Grisbi Is Le Root Of Le Evil In Man

27. From A Prison Cell

28. Irma-La-Douce

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David Heneker, Monty Norman


Julian More, Monty Norman




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