Elephant Steps (Cast CD) (Silverman-Forman)


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Music by Stanley Silverman, libretto by Richard Foreman.



1 Elephant Drone; Elephants 3:01

2 Elephant Heartbeats 2:03

3 Don’t You Believe; My Ears 2:21

4 All Shook Up 1:33

5 Read My Palms; My Hands Are Inside the Wall; Gavotte 3:52

6 Read My Palm; Watch Me Move; I’m No Closer; Look at My Hands 6:33

7 Stop Seeing Reinhardt 5:23

8 Entr’acte; Watch Me Put My Right Foot 5:27 

9 I Am No Longer Beautiful; Beautiful As Is 4:43 

10 We Sit in the Window 4:13 

11 Gypsy Tango; Shoot Them 3:31

12 You’re on the Radio; Radio Waves 3:34

13 Dreaming of Reinhardt 1:04 

14 Midnight Sun 4:05 

15 Photograph Song 1:29 

16 Read more 



Performer: Rose Taylor (Mezzo Soprano), Albertine Robinson (Voice), June Magruder (Voice), Jane Gunter (Voice), Michael Tilson Thomas (Voice), Martin Sokol (Voice), 

Larry Marshall (Voice), Luther Enstad (Voice), Karen Altman (Voice), Susan Belling (Voice), Roland Gagnon (Voice), Luther Rix (Voice), 

Philip Steele (Voice), Patti Austin (Voice), June Higginbotham (Voice), Patricia Price (Voice), Maeretha Stewart (Soprano) 

Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas 

Period: 20th Century 

Written: USA 

Date of Recording: 07/1993 

Venue: Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York, New York 

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Stanley Silverman


Richard Forman






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