Eddie Cantor – Hits & Rarities




1. Introduction
2. Merrily We Roll Along (Bugs Bunny theme)
3. I Feel So Spanish Tonight
4. The Broken Record
5. My Girl (with Burton Lane)
6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
7. Calabash Pipe
8. I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze (with Harry Revel)
9. A Little Bit Independent
10. (If They Feel Like a War) Let Them Keep It Over There
11. You Hit the Spot
12. Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You?
13. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter
14. Try a Little Tenderness
15. I’m Shooting High
16. (Oh Suzannah) Dust Off That Old Pianna!
17. Pals (with Bobby Breen)
18. A Little Robin Told Me So
19. MA! (He’s Making Eyes At Me)
20. Yes Sir! That’s My Baby
21. I Don’t Want To Make History
22. The Telegram Song (Stop)
23. Oh Gee, Oh Gosh, Oh Golly I’m In Love
24. Gee! But You’re Swell
25. I Love To Spend Each Sunday With You


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